Oyo Muslim Pilgrims Successfully Ascend Mount Arafat

All the intending pilgrims from Oyo State gathered on Saturday at the sacred hill of Mount Arafat in Saudi Arabia for an intense day of worship and reflection on what is considered the climax of the Islamic hajj pilgrimage.

The Chairman of the Board Prof. Sayed Malik disclosed  this while addressing the Journalists at the mount of Arafat in  the city of Mecca,Saudi Arabia.

“The Day of Arafat, considered to be the most important day during the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj, sees pilgrims making their way to the site of Mount Arafat to spend much of the day in prayer. It is also the site where Muslims believe the Prophet Mohammad delivered his last sermon to believers.”

He  appreciated Allah for  successful performance of the Pilgrims Hajj duties both in Medinah, Makkah till the stage of Arafat.

Prof. Sayed Malik then led prayer with the Amir Hajj, Aree Musulumi of Yorubaland Edo and Delta, Alhaji Dahood Mokanjuola Akinola along with all the Pilgrims for the themselves, the State and Nigeria as a whole.

The Chairman also prayed for the successful completion of this year Hajj exercise.

In his own comments, one of the facilitators  Alhaji Dr Ibrahim Adelani urged the Pilgrims to continuous in prayer  after which he reminds them of the Quran verse were Allah instructed that we should call on him and He also promised to answer our prayers.


Badmus Ibrahim A

Press Officer.

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